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Department of Conservation

The workshop carries out the conservation of historic buildings with a variety of manufacturing technologies from all historical periods. These are mainly objects from ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as ceramics, as well as monuments from stone, bones, wood, glass or amber.

One of the basic tasks of conservation in the Museum is to provide proper care to monuments at permanent and temporary exhibitions and in warehouses. The activity of the studio is primarily the carrying out of conservation operations in full and partial scope at the facilities, as well as preventive conservation related to climatic conditions at the exhibition and in warehouses. During the conservation of monuments, special emphasis is placed on removing the causes of destruction and preventing further degradation. This is very important due to the specificity of archaeological monuments.

The employees of the maintenance department perform technology-conservation studies, prepare documentation and opinions on the state of preservation of monuments. They also supervise the preparations for their transport and take part in their packaging and transport. The studio also conducts student internships and internships.

Jarosław Jaskulak
jaroslaw.jaskulak@muzarp.poznan.pl - restorer of works of art
tel. 61 852-82-51, ext. 109