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Health and hygiene in Old Gdańsk 16.07. - 27.10.2020

Health and hygiene in Old Gdańsk 16.07. - 27.10.2020

The exhibition designed by the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk provides an insight into the health and hygiene of Gdańsk residents in the period from the 14th century to the modern period. The artefacts at display include combs, toothbrushes, cosmetic accessories, pots, parts of the former water supply infrastructure, glasses, surgical instruments, syringes, pharmacy bottles and containers, or tobacco pipes. The artefacts are accompanied by illustrated posters and multimedia. A separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Wasserkunst, a technically advanced device that was one of the first in Europe to be equipped with piston pumps and was described in 17th-century mechanics textbooks.