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Department of Publications

Since 1949, the Museum regularly publishes “Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses”, a periodical dedicated to a broadly understood archaeological research carried out in Poland and abroad.

Other our publications include scholarly and popular-science books devoded to archaeology. We specialise in studies on prehistory and the Middle Ages of Central Europe (mainly Poland) and North-East Africa (Egypt and Sudan). Two major book series are connected with the aforementioned field of studies: “Bibliotheca Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses” and “Studies in African Archaeology”. 
Both the series discuss the results of the latest research on various aspects of prehistory and early history of the areas specified. They present the findings of Polish and foreign archaeologists, focusing mainly on inter-institutional, international, and interdisciplinary cooperation. Each volume is reviewed by renowned scholars specialising in particular topics. 

The series “Studies in African Archaeology” is published in English, while the volumes of the series “Bibliotheca Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses” and “Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses” in monolingual (Polish or English) or bilingual versions. 

Department staff:

Tomasz Kasprowicz - Head of the Department