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Department of Conservation

The Conservation Department carries out conservation treatments on artefacts made of various materials and dating to all periods. These are mainly items made of iron, nonferrous metals and pottery as well as objects of stone, bone, wood, glass, and amber.

One of the major tasks of the Department is to ensure the proper care of artefacts displayed on permanent and temporary exhibitions and those kept in storerooms. Our activity involves full or partial conservation treatments on the museum objects as well as preventive conservation measures such as the management of risks presented by different agents of deterioration (e.g. relative humidity, temperature, light). In the course of conservation, we place emphasis on removing the causes of destruction and preventing further deterioration, which is vital due to the specific nature of archaeological artefacts.

The staff members carry out technological-conservation research, prepare documentation and provide opinions on the condition of artefacts. They also supervise the museum loans, taking part in the packing and transport of objects. 

Jarosław Jaskulak - art conservator