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Dziedziniec Pałacu Górków wypełniony gośćmi

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Student internship programme

The Archaeological Museum in Poznań offers a programme of non-paid two- or three-month student internships coveing 10 hours per week (respectively 80 or 120 hours in total). The programme is dedicated to students in the third year of first degree studies (bachelor’s degree) and students in the first or second year of second degree studies (master’s degree) in the following fields: archaeology, history, art history, tourism and recreation, marketing, and public relations.

As part of the internship, we provide an opportunity for the participants to learn about the work of different Museum’s departments and the ways of achieving our statutory goals. At the end of the internship, the participants receive an official certificate specifying the scope of their activities.

Students who would like to do the internship are required to submit an application to the secretary’s office of the Archaeological Museum in Poznań and attach a referral from the university. If the application is accepted by the Museum’s director, an agreement is concluded between the university representing the student and the Museum regarding the internship placement.

The Archaeological Museum in Poznań does not bear the costs of the insurance, accommodation or meals for students. We provide essential health and safety training. 

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