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Department of Prehistoric Archaeology

The Department of Prehistoric Archaeology (formerly Department of Greater Poland Archaeology) brings together several units specialised in the collections of artefacts of different periods/archaeological cultures from the area of Greater Poland. The staff members collect and catalogue artefacts, take care of their conservation state, organise exhibitions, and carry out research on the collection. Each of the units within the Department has its own artefact storeroom (a total area of storerooms in the Museum covers over 1525 m²).

Staff members:

Patrycja Silska - Head, Early Bronze Age unit
phone +48 61 8528251, ext. 114 

Dr Mateusz Stróżyk, Dr Danuta Żurkiewicz - Stone Age unit

Tomasz Skorupka - Lusatian culture unit

Marta Sierant - Pomeranian culture unit

Emilia Smółka-Antkowiak - Roman Influence Period unit