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Department of Documentation and Research Information

The Department of Documentation and Research Information is responsible for the study and inventory of archival records and recent archaeological documentation from excavation research carried out mainly in Poznań and Greater Poland. 

The major unit of our Department is the Research Archives, which collects, preserves and provides access to archival records associated with the activity of the Archaeological Museum and its predecessors. The beginnings of collecting these archives date back to 1857 when the Museum of Polish and Slavic Antiquities was established in Poznań. The core of our collection consists of archives documenting archaeological discoveries made from the mid-nineteenth century onwards in Greater Poland, neighbouring areas, and some other regions, with the active participation of the Museum. These records are used today by researchers specialised in prehistory and related disciplines for various projects, studies and publications, both academic and popular-science ones. Our archives are also important sources of knowledge for historians, art historians, architects, and enthusiasts of local history. The exceptionally valuable part of our collection is made up of records related to the history of archaeology in Poland, including information on early antiquarianism and the beginnings of museums and archaeological conservation in Poland. A separate group of documents comprise private collections of outstanding archaeologists associated with the Museum.

Photographic unit operating within our Department is responsible for the photographic documentation of the Museum’s activity (artefacts, field research, exhibitions, conferences, educational events) as well as collecting and recording the Museum photography resources. It is organisationally connected with the archive of photographs, which stores photo negatives, albums, inventories and catalogue cards dating from the second half of the nineteenth to the present day. The archives can boast a unique, rich collection of glass negatives from the early twentieth century, documenting the beginnings of archaeology in Poland. Graphic documentation unit of our Department specialises in drawing artefacts and research documentation as well as graphic designing of exhibitions, educational events and conferences.

Staff members:

Dr Maciej Przybył - Head
phone +48 61 8528251, ext. 114 

Agata Drejer-Kowalska - Research Archives

Opening hours of the Research Archives (prior appointment is required):
Tuesday - Friday  10.00-15.00
In July and August the Archive is open in a limited scope.

Graphic unit:
Barbara Bednarczyk

Jolenta Kędelska
Joanna Kurkowicz