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Information +48 61 852 82 51


Department of Museum Collections

The Department of Museum Collections is responsible for the tasks related to the inventory, recording, and cataloguing the collections of archaeological objects. In cooperation with regional Offices for the Conservation of Archaeological Artefacts, we receive material from archaeological research as well as donations and deposits. The Department’s staff keep the Inventory book of artefacts, Book of Acquisitions, Book of deposits, and Book of loans. We coordinate operations related to lending the Museum collections and loans from other museums, institutions and persons, and prepare the required documentation - agreements and acceptance protocols. We periodically supervise the compliance of inventory records with the actual state of our collections. Another sphere of our activity is digitisation and updating records in our database of artefacts 

Staff members:
Kamila Dolata-Goszcz – Chief Cataloguer of the Museum Collections 
Phone +48 61 852 82 51, ext. 130

Antoni Czerwiński – MuzArp administrator

Paweł Wolff - Regional Depository of Archaeological Material

Aleksandra Maron