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Museum shop

The Museum shop offers a wide selection of publications thematically related to archaeology, including popular-science and children books as well as works concerning the history of Poznań.

In our shop, you can buy a variety of souvenirs, e.g. copies of Ancient Egyptian papyri, replicas of Egyptian amulets and prehistoric pottery vessels, hand-made glass objects imported from Egypt as well as postcards presenting the most interesting artefacts from our collection.

We also have a limited series of gadgets designed and produced for Archaeological Reserve Genius Loci, the Museum’s branch by „Sklep z cytatami. Oni mówią, Daria rysuje”. These are items with images of the first rulers of Poland, including cotton bags, hand-sewn notebooks made from recycled paper, and pens in an elegant case depicting one of the four thousand shield-bearers of king Bolesław the Brave. 

The Museum shop and the ticket office operate within the current opening hours and close 30 minutes before the Museum closing time.