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Prehistory of Greater Poland

Prehistory of Greater Poland

"Prehistory of Greater Poland" is our permanent exhibition illustrating the earliest history of ​our region from the beginning of human settlement until the end of antiquity. A principal – and in the case of the earliest times the only – source of information about the past is the remains of material culture. Due to their one-sidedness, it is impossible to reconstruct fully all the spheres of life of prehistoric societies. However, the abundance of archaeological artefacts discovered in Greater Poland helps researchers describe successive prehistoric ages and reconstruct some aspects of everyday life. Our exhibition is aimed to show the most interesting artefacts and their context reconstructed on the basis of finds and studies. By displaying models of people, animals, homesteads, and graves, we want to bring the visitors closer to the long-forgotten world of our ancestors. The artefacts come from the broadly defined area of Greater Poland and the majority of them are in the Museum’s collection. Some exhibits have been loaned to us by other archaeological institutions. 

Exhibition curator: Tomasz Skorupka
Authors of photographs: Bogdan Walkiewicz, Patrycja Silska, Piotr Krakowski, Tomasz Skorupka

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