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Archaeology captured in photography: Temporary exhibition (14.03 - 04.06.2023)

Archaeology captured in photography: Temporary exhibition (14.03 - 04.06.2023)

The Archaeological Museum in Poznań owns one of Poland's largest and oldest photographic collections depicting the history of archaeology in Wielkopolska. Its most valuable part comprises glass plate negatives, some of which were conserved in 2009 and 2022 in two projects co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The results of the projects gave rise to the idea of organising an exhibition devoted to the role of photography in documenting the archaeological heritage of Wielkopolska from the late 19th to the 1960s.

Our exhibition's storyline is based on two narratives. The first narrative focuses on archaeology as seen through photographic lenses. This section features photographs of the oldest excavation research, various archaeological sites and objects, and the first exhibitions of artefacts, often in the field. Special attention is given to the individuals behind these discoveries, such as accidental finders, collectors, and the first museum professionals. The showcased photographs are complemented by selected artefacts and archival excavation documentation, such as research diaries, reports, and drawings.

The second part of the exhibition is devoted to the application of photography in archaeology, showcasing the evolution of photographic methods used in archaeological research. This process is illustrated on a timeline that highlights important events in the history of photography and the use of new photographic inventions in the work of archaeologists. This section of the exhibition displays various photographic equipment and accessories, as well as the oldest glass negatives, inventories, and catalogues.

On display: 14 March - 04 June 2023
Exhibition curators: Maciej Przybył, PhD; Patrycja Silska, Agata Drejer-Kowalska