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Untold stories of dolls. Temporary exhibition by Anna Kliaus 24.03.-16.04.2023

Untold stories of dolls. Temporary exhibition by Anna Kliaus 24.03.-16.04.2023


On display:  24 March - 16 April 2023, Museum Courtyard

Exhibition curator: Anna Kliaus

The cotton wool toy, simple in form and execution, appeared at the end of the 19th century as an alternative to expensive glass Christmas tree ornaments. Made by winding the cotton wool onto a frame and covering it with a layer of glue, those toys were soft to the touch and could deteriorate over time.

In my work, I use the paper-mâché technique and cotton wool instead of paper, which makes the dolls durable and visually reminiscent of porcelain, which is particularly appreciated by collectors.

My dolls are distinctive and realistic, and finely crafted. My customers say that they look as if they were alive. I use modern materials and technology; however, I always draw inspiration from the past - from childhood memories to vintage photographs and retro-style postcards. The contemporary cotton wool toy is a synthesis of modernity and revived traditions.

In Ukraine, the doll as a type of art is very popular and thriving. I would like this tradition to take on new life in Poland, my new home, too, and puppetry art to become equally popular and accessible here. I would be happy to share my skills and professional secrets in thematic workshops.

We carry a piece of childhood within us. I know every woman has a little girl inside who dreams of her doll. In childhood, we are pure, spontaneous and open to the idea of miracles. The doll is the key to these states of mind. Creating a doll is a process of unwinding subconscious childhood traumas. It always touches some part of the soul, heals, and purifies. Through doll-making
we can find happiness and fulfilment in our adult lives. Doll therapy is a powerful anti-stress tool, and I aim to make it available to everyone.


Anna Kliaus

About the artist:

Anna Kliaus (born 1981) - a graduate of the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design. She started her creative journey in the field of graphic design. Currently - a puppet artist. Specialisation: Christmas decorations made of cotton wool (paper-mâché technique). She participated in the international puppet exhibition MunecArt, Spain, in 2020. Her artworks can be found in private collections in the USA, Germany, England, Spain, Poland and Ukraine.