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Archaeology of Sudan

Archaeology of Sudan

The first Sudanese artefacts arrived in Poznań in the 1970s, following Polish archaeological research in Old Dongola and Kadero. These objects, acquired through the efforts of professor Lech Krzyżaniak, laid the foundations for one of the largest collections of Sudanese artefacts in Europe. The collection was further expanded after the participation of Poznań archaeologists in the research carried out by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the Southern Dongola Reach Survey by the Research Centre for the Mediterranean Archaeology and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The collection of our most valuable artefacts, enriched by the deposit of unique objects from the Khartoum National Museum, allowed us to open the exhibition the “Archaeology of Sudan” in 2003.

In recent years the collection has been enlarged by new acquisitions, including objects acquired by the Museum after the archaeological rescue project in the area of the fourth Cataract of the Nile. In 2014, we also received objects in exchange with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Exhibition curator: Dr Marek Chłodnicki
Authors of photographs: Maciej Jórdeczka (all the photographs except one), Mariusz Kurszekiewicz (Meroitic altar)

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